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Nov 29, 2015

AK-47s have a mystic all their own. But they also have a lot of hyperbol. So...

In this episode we sit down with AK-47 legend Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics. He's going to set us straight on the truth, myths, and proper perspective in understanding these comblock badasses.

~ AK-47 topics covered in this interview:

* What's Jim Fuller's story?
* How did RIfle Dynamics come to be?
* What makes the AK-47 so special?
* Is the AK-47 durability fact or urban legend?
* Is the AK-47 accuracy deficit fact or urban legend?
* What's the real perspective to take when it comes to the purpose of an AK-47?
* What myths, or overblow facts, exist around the AK?
* What advantages does the AK have over the AR-15?
* What is it about AKs that make them stand up to steel case ammo so well?
* What's the effective range of a standard AK?
* What considerations must be made when looking to put glass on an AK?
* When it comes to shopping the import and budget market, what should be looking for in an AK?
* What are Jim's thoughts on the Kalashnikov USA rifles?
* What's the difference between a Ak-47 and it's perhaps lesser known brother the AK-74?
* What's the difference between AK and the much lesser known VZ58?

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Nov 22, 2015

How to choose a survival knife is common quandary. There are so many options. There are so many things to consider. In this episode we sit down with Marshal of to answer those questions.

This is one of our favorite topics: Knives! They often don't get enough air time here. But they are one of the most important and basic tools of survival. And it doesn't matter if it's for EDC (Every Day Carry) or for treking through the woods. A good knife's value can't be stressed enough.

~ Basic considerations for a knife topics discussed:

* What's the most useful size of pocket knfie?
* What are the best locking mechanizms and why are they important?
* What things does Marshal consider when looking at pocket knives for himself?
* What knife point type makes the most senses to you for pocket knives?
* What are the best handle matterials for pocket knives?
* Are knife super-steels all hype?
* What are the new super-steels these days?
* What's the story on Elmax steel?
* How do A2 and D2 tool steels hold up for knives?
* What are the top brands in pocket knives—excluding the super high end custom stuff?
* What’s the big fuss about Zero Tolerance knives?
* What's the most useful blade length for a fixed blade knife?
* What are things to you consider when looking at a good fixed blade camping knife?
* What are things to you consider when looking at a good fixed blade bushcraft knife?
* Does blade grind type / geometry really matter in a fixed blade knife?
Coated or uncoated knives?
* What are the best handle matterials for fixed blade knives?
* To full tang or not to care about full tang, does it really matter?

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Nov 15, 2015

Choosing rifle optics is confusing. They're also can be a big investment. So in this episode we sit down with Marshal, owner of Primary Arms. He's going to help clarify and demystify rifle optics.

Rifle optics topics covered:

* How much should people spend on opitics for a rifle?
* What are the basics of selecting the right opitic for a rifle?
* How does eye relief play into scope selection?
* How would someone decide on magnification?
* How do you select the right reticle?
* What impact does tube size have on a scope’s function?
* What impact does the bell of a scope vs a straight tube have?
* What is parallax and why should people care about it?
* What is first focal plane and why is it important in rifle scopes?
* What would someone look for in a hunting scope?
* So whats the difference between a hunting scope and a sniper scope?
* What's the difference between a hunting or tacitcal sope and a rimfire scope?
* Is there really any difference when deciding on rings and mounts for scopes?
* What advantages does a fixed power scope give?
* What should people know when looking for a red dot?
* What should people use and never use when cleaning their optics?

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Nov 11, 2015

It's veteran's day 2015. This year we're doing a special episode with Jeremy Paris, host of the Veteran Resource Podcast. Whether you are a vet or just want to find about about getting involved with organizations, you'll get a lot out of this epsidoe.

Typically folks in the survival podcast genre will talk about what it means to serve. And they may tell stories of their service. But we have something different that could actually help vets.

You see, the Veteran Resource Podcast was created to introduce veterans to Veteran Service Organizations. And as you find out in this episode there are THOUSANDS out there!

We've all heared of the Wounded Warrior project. But there are a lot more out there, it turns out. One is even focused on sustainable farming.

~ Veteran resource topics discussed:

* Jeremy's service in the military
* How the the Veteran Resource Podcast got started?
* What is the mission his podcast?
* What keeps you inspired to do his show?
* How many veteran organizations are there?
* Why are there so many different veteran organziations?
* Why is it important to support veteran organizations?
* What are some of the different organizations out there that people might want to get invovled in?
* Can people who've never served get involved and voluteer?
* If someone wanted help support vets, would supporting one of these organizations be the best way?
* How would people go about evaluating a few organizations to find the one that's right for them?

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Nov 9, 2015

Civil Air Patrol is a bit of a red headed step child. In fact, it's probably one of the most interesting voluteer organizations most people have never heared of.

In this episode we sit down with Bobby Allison of Civil Air Patrol. He's going to share with us what C.A.P. is, what they do, and why you should consider getting involved. And, we'll even discuss how you might be able to get some survial training.

~ Civil Air Patrol Topics Discussed:

* What is Civil Air Patrol and what does the organization do?
* How long has it been around<?
* When was CAP formed and for what purpose?
* How does CAP supplement or augment what the US Air Force already does?
* Seems kids can get involved in this too. What role do they play?
* What do volunteers get out of it?
* Does CAP have any role in border security?
* What role does CAP play in disaster relief?
* What kind of training programs does CAP have?
* When it comes to adults, is CAP only open to active or retired Air Force?
* What roles are there for members?
* If someone wanted to get involved in CAP, what would they need to do?

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Nov 2, 2015

In this episode we sit down with the the Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan. He'll share his knowledge of beekeeping, philisophical masterbation, and life lessons.

~ Beekeeping topics covered in this episode include:

* Why do we need more beekeepers in the world
* Why would someone want to get into beekeeping
* How much work are bees to get started
* How much work are bees once they get established
* What is the minimum financial investment an Urban bee keeper would need to make
* Why is it said that bees choose the keeper, and that it's not the other way around
* What would you say are the common downfalls for most people that first get into bees
* Who can people get over the fear of keeping bees
* Is beekeeping a real moneky maker
* Is beeking difficult
* What does a Bee Suit usually run
* How long does it really take to get to a place of being productive with beekeeping
* What are the bee union hours
* Are there alternatives to the typical honey bee
* What is sustainable beekeeping
* What's the latest news on coloney collapse?
* What can people do to help bee populations?
* What can people plant to feed honey bees?
* Why would bees reject a hive and fly off?

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