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Jan 23, 2017

In this episode, you and Aaron sit down together for the annual survival gear review show. He'll share his thoughts guns, holsters, and tools. And you'll hear about survival skills for 2017 and new things around ITRH.

Every year, ITRH does a gear review show. It's nothing formal. We just cover all the things we've purchased, tried out, love, like, dislike, and hate from the last year.

But before we get into the toys there are some thoughts on the rioters at the inauguration.

Talking points:

  • Rioters and damn fools
  • Survival gear reviews
  • Gun reviews
  • Holsters
  • Training aids for shooters
  • Hearing protection
  • SWAG coming to ITRH
  • Gear coming to ITRH
  • ITRH videos
  • 2017 Skills planned
  • ...and more

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Jan 16, 2017

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Carroll to discuss revolvers for survival and EDC. Listeners know Justin from Prepper Opsec. But he also has a passion for revolvers, as it turns out. And in this episode, he shares his journey into the world of revolvers.

Revolvers are a common topic of debate for preppers...

Fans often swear by them. They make claims of revolvers having superior reliability over semi-autos.  Then there is the ammo interchangeability with some rifles and the ability of some revolvers to accept several different cartridges of the same caliber. There is also the fact that some revolver cartridges, like the .357, offer a wider range of powered charges allowing for greater flexibility as a hunting round.

But there is the other side of the fence: Detractors. Typically, this category appreciates revolvers but see modern semi-auto pistols as having more advantages: Higher capacity, easier reloading, greater reloading speeds. The semi-auto camp also raise their eyebrows at the claim of greater reliability.

So who's right?

Like all things in survival and guns, the answer is this: It depends.

~ Revolvers for Survival and EDC Topics Discussed: ~

* Why Justin sold all his semi-auto pistols and went all wheel gun all the time
* Revolvers as an option in restrictive states
* What postal operator fundamentals translate between semi-auto and revolvers
* The delicacy of revolver innards
* The reality of how reliable revolvers actually are
* Why J Frame Revolvers suck for new shooters and first-time revolver owners
* What are the best revolvers for new shooters
* The Best revolver for EDC
* Double action in revolvers vs single action revolvers
* Is a bobbed hammer safer
* How to train to reload revolvers quickly and in defensive situations
* The downside of speedloaders and revolvers for EDC
* Using Speed strips
* The downsides of revolvers
- Ammo capacity
- Slow reloading
- concealability and comfort
* Advantages of Revolvers
- Interchangeability of ammo
- lack of magazine dependance
- field gun

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Jan 9, 2017

In this episode, we sit down with Dan from Waco Tactical Fitness. He shares with us what the WTF Biathlon is, how it started, and why they're a great sport for preppers and shooters.

Let's be honest: preppers love their gear and guns. We buy rifles and handguns of nearly every caliber and flavor. We accumulate mag holders, holster, plate carriers, hydration backs, and tons of more gear.

But it is rare we get the opportunity to test ourselves and gear. Shooters are relegated to standing in a box and shooting at a stationary paper target, in most cases.

And even if we take an expensive class, truly testing our physical condition and gear is limited.

So enter the biathlon: A way to test your body, shooting, and equipment.

Running and Gunning Topics Discussed:

* What a biathlon is
* Who and what is Waco Tactical Fitness
* How the name came about
* WTF Mission
* How it all started
* The relationship with Appleseed Project
* What the courses and courses of fire are like
* How a biathlon tests your skills and your gear
* The recommended gear and guns for a WTF biathlon
* Where the money goes (hint: it's all for the kids)

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Jan 2, 2017

In this episode, Aaron makes 2017 predictions and answers listener questions. And there's also a special thank you message to all the listeners from ITRH to start.

You see, ITRH has crossed a major milestone: 200 episodes. Most podcasts don't make it past 6. And the show is now downloaded roughly 50,000 a month. So it seems like we may be doing something right.

~ Topics: ~

* 2017 Predictions
- The Hearing Protection Act
- National Conceal Carry Reciprocity
- Liberal Preppers and nuclear war
- The coming troubles of gun manufacturers
- What 2017 may mean for ammo availability and pricing
- Who Trump will piss off next and why we're laughing

* Listener Questions

* Where to start as a new prepper focusing on the basics
* The most cringe worthy prepper purchase Aaron has ever made
* Can you make insulin in a grid down scenario

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